Awards from Other Supporting Groups

Some of the awards administered through RNFOO are funded by organizations that share the goal of supporting nurses and nursing students to further their nursing education or engage in research. Awards sponsored by these groups are described below.

RPNAO Awards

New in 2013, the Registered Practical Nurses' Association of Ontario is offering awards to encourage RPNs and the patient centred approach to care. 

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RNFOO Undergraduate Scholarships

The RNFOO Undergraduate Scholarships are funded by a charitable foundation that administers a legacy from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.  The donor is committed to the advancement of healthcare, children's health, social services, and a few other purposes beneficial to the community as a whole in Canada.

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The Saint Elizabeth Scholarship

Saint Elizabeth Health Care has been an active participant in the development of community health since 1908. In 2006, furthering their commitment to their mission to “provide expert care and enlightened solutions - informed by research, enabled by technology, delivered with sensitivity”, executives at the Saint Elizabeth Health Care undertook funding of a scholarship administered through RNFOO.

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