Origin: The Josephine Flaherty Scholarship was established through a bequest from her estate.  

Honoree background: Born in Toronto and educated in Riverdale Collegiate and University of Toronto, Josephine Flaherty devoted her life to Nursing Practice and Education.

Josephine's nursing experience included two years as the Nurse-in-Charge of an isolated Red Cross outpost in the north, where she was involved in generalized community health, school nursing, care of patients and families in the home and occupational health care in several mines and bush camps. When she returned to Toronto, Josephine worked for several years as a General Staff Nurse and a research assistant in the Emergency Department of St. Michael’s Hospital. She was Dean of Nursing at the University of Western Ontario and Principal Nursing Officer for Health and Welfare Canada.
Josephine wrote extensively on nursing, health care, ethics and education, including co-authoring Nursing Ethics–Theories and Pragmatics. She provided strong nursing leadership and inspiration to nurses in general and public health nurses in particular in all parts of Canada.

Award Description: The Josephine Flaherty Scholarship will support a Post-Diploma Registered Nurse or a Registered Practical Nurse, enrolled in baccalaureate education. Preference will be given to those applicants who demonstrate active volunteerism.