The mission of the Foundation is to enhance and advance nursing practice, and contribute to the health of individuals by raising funds and stewarding sound investments to provide awards and scholarships to Ontario nurses and nursing students in all programs including RN, RPN and RN-EC, and at every level, including Masters and Doctorate.”

One of the ways that RNFOO realizes this mission statement is by administering ‘Vested’ or ‘Named’ awards.  Individuals or representatives of family, social or organizational groups may approach the Foundation to negotiate an agreement whereby the Foundation will administer an award that recognizes someone’s contribution to nursing, or honours the memory of someone who cared deeply about nursing.   All agreements outline the purpose of the award and the amount of money to be donated or committed, and articulate the Foundation’s responsibility to determine the recipients and administer the funds. 

Recognition of donors is an integral part of RNFOO’s advancement of its charitable mission.  Important to a successful program is respect for donors’ wishes for recognition or anonymity, and confidence that their gifts have been “put to work” as intended.  The articles below will tell you something about the people who have been recognized through establishment of an honorary award entrusted to RNFOO.  Some donors have asked to remain anonymous; we have, and will continue to honour those wishes.