Origin: Nancy Lefebre of Saint Elizabeth Health Care, and Rhonda Seidman-Carlson of RNAO introduced the Dr. Joan Lesmond Memorial Scholarship at the 2012 RNFOO Gala.  "The untimely death of our friend and colleague Joan Lesmond has left a significant hole in our hearts and in our work. However, I know that Joan would be extremely pleased about this award, created in her honour."

Honoree Background: Diversity was a passion of Joan’s as an individual, a healthcare professional, and leader. It was also the focus of her doctoral work.  Joan worked tirelessly to educate professionals, new graduates and students about the importance of a cultural

competency and the value of diversity, and so it is very fitting that this award is focused on diversity.

People who knew Joan, remember that she loved Country & Western music. One of her favourite country singers was Johnny Reid. The lyrics of his songToday I’m Going to Try and Change the World speaks to Joan’s passion and approach to life and all she stood for:

I'm gonna say hello to my neighbour/ Greet him with a smile/ Shake the hand of a stranger/ Sit and talk for a while/ Tell someone I love them from the bottom of my heart/ Today I'm gonna try and change the world.

Award Description: The Dr. Joan Lesmond Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a Registered Nurse who is studying at the graduate level and demonstrates that their studies are focusing on diversity within the field of nursing.