The FDMC comprises:
One (1) to two (2) members of the Executive/Board, of which one or both will assume the Chair
Four (4) to six (6) other RNFOO committee members, preferably with experience in fundraising
Volunteers recruited for specific projects and activities of the FDMC 
ATI will take minutes and coordinate meetings 
Members of the FDMC are appointed by the Board of Directors. 
Chair will be nominated by the nominating committee and confirmed by the Board of Directors.
1.1 The FDMC will take a leadership role for planning, coordinating and implementing revenue generating strategies for RNFOO including, in particular:
  • General operating funds of the charity
  • Funds to support new and ongoing scholarship for nursing education
1.2 The FDMC will assist the Board/Executive Committee in the planning, coordination and implementation of all marketing and communication activities to support the areas of scholarships for nursing education, projects, events and activities of the RNFOO. 
1.3  The FDMC will develop and implement a partnership framework to support external agencies or individuals who wish to raise funds on behalf of RNFOO.
2.1 The FDMC will provide advice and guidance to:
Develop the fundraising strategy for the charity
Implement, monitor and evaluate fundraising strategies once adopted
Identify and maintain a list of existing and potential sponsors and funders
Assume leadership for the development of project proposals to submit to potential sponsors and funders
Develop, identify and manage partnerships for fund raising (such as Zumba) from which RNFOO benefits.
Assume the lead for certain fundraising activities not assigned to other specific committees by the Board of Directors, such as the Friends of RNFOO, Tribute Award, and Donation Challenge
Own the public face of RNFOO including:
  • Website design and customer experience
  • Communication with sponsors/funders 
  • Letters of thanks to sponsors/funders 
  • Develop and distribute a biannual Bulletin to funders/sponsors 
  • Acknowledge sponsors/funders
3.1 The Committee will hold a minimum of eight (8) meetings a year. Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the Co-Chairs and following a consultation with the President.
3.2 A maximum of three (3) meetings through January and February 2015, in order to create the 2015 Fundraising Plan. Following this, meetings will be held on the first week of every even month. Additional meetings may be called as required.
3.3 A Quorum will consist of three committee representatives including at least one of the Co-Chairs. 
3.4 Location and format (face-to-face or teleconference) of meetings will be circulated to FDMC members.
3.5 The Committee reports to the Executive/Board of the RNFOO. All recommendations passed by FDMC are to be signed off by President.
3.6 Agendas and minutes will be distributed at least one week prior to the meeting. Minutes will be distributed within one week following FDMC meetings.
3.7 Meeting notes will be completed and submitted to the FDMC at least 2 days prior to committee meetings.
4.1 All members are expected to attend a minimum of 60% of meetings each year to maintain membership eligibility; to review distributed material before the meeting and proactively engage; RSVP to ATCL whether or not they will be able to attend the meeting. Meetings will be 1-2 hours.
4.1.1 Members will commit themselves to functioning in an environment that creates and extends opportunities for:
Collaboration, Creativity and Strong Commitment
4.1.2 The FDMC will seek to:
a) Support, engage, canvass and represent RNFOO 
b) Disseminate information to Executive/Board in an efficient and timely manner
c) Ensure two way consultation and communication between FDMC members and the Executive/Board.
4.2 Decision Making
4.2.1 Decisions will be made by consensus through voting.

The FDMC may establish ad hoc sub committees as required. Its membership may be extended depending on the project, grant, event or activity.

The FDMC when establishing sub committees will:

  • determine membership
  • establish goal
  • clearly define a process for decision making

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