Delayed, but not Defeated; Disrupted, but not Discouraged

Interim Reports from the 2019 Nurse Innovator Award Winners

While civic leaders and politicians at all levels try to guide the economy, the education system, and our citizens through a transition to a post-COVID19 ‘normal’, there are individuals and teams working in their own small corners to re-start the important work that had to be set aside as the health care system prepared for and managed the response to the pandemic. 

In their interim reports to the RNFOO NIA Committee, Christianna Facey-Crowther and Christine Murphy both noted that their work was interrupted and they were re-assigned to other work for the peak period of COVID19 response.  They, like so many others, are now getting back to their projects.

Christine, leader of the Ultrasound Debridement Clinic at The Ottawa Hospital, noted that a training session was held in November for 10 nurses, and recruiting of patients began in February.  A total of 8 patients had begun treatments when COVID19 closed all but essential services. 

As of mid-June, the clinic started to re-open; two new patients have started treatments.  They are looking forward to working up to the clinic’s capacity.  It is likely that it will take longer for the clinic to complete the number of debridements defined in the project, but Chris is confident:  “This project will be completed at the earliest opportunity and it is the intention to demonstrate the impact of nurse-applied technology as a safe, cost-effective way of improving healing of hard-to-heal wounds thus reducing need for amputation.”

Christianna, producer of the nursing-focused podcast ‘At the Bedside’ began her research and interviews for season 2 in February, but in March she was assigned to the critical care surge plan at Mount Sinai Hospital, effectively putting her project on hold.  With her dedicated time starting up again in mid-July, Christianna is looking forward to working on the 10 interviews conducted earlier this year that will be shaped into the next 4 episodes.   

The intended launch time for Season 2 is now September, and should be complete by December, as originally planned.  Christianna’s report acknowledges the support of important mentors throughout this time with professors at University of Toronto and clinicians from within Mount Sinai Hospital, expressing gratitude for their guidance and encouragement.