RNFOO Nurse Innovator Award is contributing to the Culture of Innovation

For Longwoods Link Final The story of the Nurse Innovator Award is featured in the recently released issue of Longwood's Nursing Leadership.  In the article "Developing a Culture of Support to Advance and Accelerate Nursing Innovation", three successful examples of Canadian nursing leadership in the development of innovataion culture at the national, provincial, and local levels are highlighted.  The goal is to cultivate innovation as a way of being, thinking, and doing, ensuring that it is inherent in nursing culture and visible in nursing practice, education, and research.
Written by a team of NIA donors (pictured, top: Mary Lou Ackerman, Lianne Jeffs, bottom: Bev Simpson, Sue Williams), the article is further testament to the forward-thinking leadership in the nursing profession that RNFOO is supporting.  Subscribers to Nursing Leadership can read the article here.