HLM Presentation cpd fixedJanet Rush, RN, PhD - 2019

Tonight, we pay tribute to Janet Rush, and present her with an honorary life membership in RNFOO.  Janet demonstrates clear purpose, unwavering commitment, enthusiasm, and immense passion for the RNFOO mission as well as the nursing profession in general.  Janet is a results-driven nursing leader who truly lives by RNFOO values, acts as a positive role model, conveys the sense of urgency when appropriate, and persists in the face of difficulties.  She treats people with compassion, respect and dignity and it is not surprising that people enthusiastically and willingly act on her initiatives.  Applying her creative and strategic mindset, Janet sees opportunities from a broad perspective and focuses energy on key activities that will ultimately have the most positive impact on Ontario nurses and nursing students.

Janet has been actively involved in the work of RNFOO for more than 12 years generously sharing her extraordinary expertise.  She provided inspirational, thoughtful and transformational leadership while performing a number of roles including the President, Past-President and Vice-President of Awards and Scholarship.  Janet was frequently seen representing and promoting RNFOO at nursing conferences and events across Ontario.  She collaboratively created RNFOO strategic plans, bylaws and policies, and has been a regular reviewer of applications for Awards and Scholarships.  Janet’s service as a member of the RNFOO board ended in 2017, but she has continued to participate in the work of the Infection Control and Prevention Committee and the review panel.  Janet has also been an amazing and highly entertaining master of ceremonies at RNFOO Gala fundraising events since 2012. With her keen sense of humour, great charisma and friendly disposition, she remains calm under pressure and makes people feel welcome.

Through her strong commitment to lifelong learning, Janet has inspired generations of nursing students and other health care professionals in Ontario, and has provided career coaching and mentorship to a large number of nurses and nursing students.  She holds a PhD in Nursing Science from the University of Toronto, Master of Health Sciences in Health Care Practice from McMaster University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from McMaster University School of Nursing, and Certificate in Effective Supervision from Mohawk College. She is the Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music (ARCT) at the University of Toronto and she achieved the Certificate of Competence in French Language from Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology.  Janet is also a recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Jeanne Mance Award from the Canadian Nursing Association for her outstanding contribution to Canadian nursing.

With her direct and open communication style Janet fosters trust, enhances information flow, and builds stronger relationships and professional partnerships. She listens very well and encourages team members to freely express their ideas and opinions. She promotes creativity and does not hesitate to take calculated risks and try new ways of doing things. Janet goes well beyond the status quo, recognizes the need for new approaches, and brings different perspectives together combining them in innovative ways. She demonstrates a positive attitude and takes on challenges from a problem-solving perspective.  Rather than focusing on why things can’t be done, Janet looks for alternative solutions.  Janet understands that coaching and professional development of people is essential for continued nursing excellence and she makes deliberate efforts to keep her team members challenged and highly engaged.

It has been a great privilege and pleasure to work with Janet over the past several years and it is very fitting that her outstanding leadership and countless contributions are being recognized through this RNFOO Honorary Life Membership presentation.