Pediatric Nursing Interest Group (PedNIG)

PedNIG strives to strengthen the profession of Nursing in Ontario by supporting and representing action on behalf of Pediatric Nurses with respect to Pediatric Nursing and Pediatric Health Care in collaboration with the Board of Directors of Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO).

PedNIG goals are:

To advocate for the health care needs of children and their families.
Enhance Pediatric Nursing in Ontario through promotion of research-based nursing practice.
Support Pediatric Nursing in Ontario to address issues important to the advancement of Pediatric Nursing.
Assist the RNAO in its quest to represent the Nursing profession to government, other health care providers and the public.
Provide continuing education and information about professional development resources to Pediatric Nurses in Ontario.

PedNIG supports 1 scholarship/award:
The Evelyn Cameron Memorial Bursary will provide opportunities to Registered Nurses who wish to pursue education at the undergraduate or graduate level with a focus on pediatric nursing. Applicants must be members of PedNIG and must demonstrate commitment to advancing the practice of pediatric nursing in Ontario.