Your Storyline App

Update: July 2021

The Your Storyline team is developing a health-focused storytelling process, using focus groups and pilot testing to design an App.
We have worked with patient and community stakeholder partners throughout to ensure that communication of the digital storytelling process is intuitive and human centered. Steve Coppola of Input UX, who has a wealth of experience in app development, is working with us to translate our vision into detailed on-screen experiences that are memorable and engaging for Your storyline target users: patients, caregivers, community members and healthcare providers.

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We have also been working with CAMH’s Privacy, IT and Legal departments to ensure we follow best practices in relation to web-app security, as well as recommendations to safeguard against digital fraud and ensure critical personal and/or health information are protected.
Pandemic related disruptions have impacted the progress of the project; we are anticipating completion of the project by March 31, 2022.

Your Storyline App is an innovative means of incorporating story telling back into health care where it has been missing throughout industrial societies. Utilizing modern technology,

Your Storyline App leverages access to mobile technology to facilitate documentation of our continuous health stories.

Your Storyline App encourages and enables users to capture thoughts, feelings and activities immediately to share with health professionals, friends and others, as they choose.

 Your Storyline App: Enhancing health, one story at a time, together

As healthcare providers and advocates, we believe deeply in the growth potential and restorative power of storytelling, the centrality of story in relationships, and the ability of story to center patients as experts in their health. While healthcare is shifting towards patient-centered approaches, the sharing of stories is not always easy due to resource constraints and practice realities. This presents an unfortunate gap in health practice because storytelling is a recognized mechanism for reflection, interaction, and enhanced humanism and compassion in healthcare at the individual and institutional level. The process of thinking through stories, of re-examining thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs, can lead to growth. This storying of experience is especially relevant in health contexts; story, itself, is central to the meaning-making process inherent to health and wellness.

Our innovation brings together our extensive engagement in community mental health, patient-oriented research, digital health equity, and digital storytelling to create Your Storyline, a mobile app that will bring storytelling tools to patients, providers, and caregivers around the world. With the widespread availability of smartphone devices and tablets, we now carry the tools required to document and digitize stories (microphones, cameras, text notes) in our back pockets. Your Storyline app will allow users to identify meaningful moments in their health experience through reflective storytelling prompts, and combine these moments into storylines using multi-media (images, video clips, audio recordings, or textual notes) that are imported or created within the app. Users will be supported with tools and prompts to elicit, record, create, revise, and reflect on personal stories of health. Your Storyline app creates a safe space for stories to be formulated privately, and then exported, shared, or added to an electronic health file. Storied moments can be indexed, organized, and reorganized at any time through personalized hashtags, such as #mybirthstory, #depression, or #diagnosis. This will allow users to systematically search their storied moments, to reflect on these collections of experience, and to export them into storylines. Ultimately, we expect this app, in conjunction with the online community for story sharing, to foster the creation and sharing of health-related narratives, with tools for reflection on ‘changing the storyline’ to foster resilience and community.