2021 NIA Award Winners

NIA Reception Graphics 202021In this third year of the Nurse Innovator Award, we are celebrating the distribution of $95,000 to support work being done by innovative and entrepreneurial nurses. Included this celebration is the $25,000 Connie Clerici Nurse Entrepreneur Award.

The winners were announced at the Virtual Reception held on November 17, 2021, hosted by Mary Ito, of CBC. Click here to view the recorded event.

This year we are particularly pleased with the diversity among the winners.  Our geographic coverage is expanding: we have representation from Ottawa, Brockville, Brampton and Downtown Toronto. We have winners from a large hospital, a smaller specialist hospital, and two community based programs.  Again this year, we believe that each of this year's winning projects will have positive impact on nursing and patients for years to come. The ongoing support of the NIA Founding Donors, the Friends and Supporters, and other donors, is deeply appreciated.  And yet, with more support, we could increase our impact.  Click here for a list of projects that we were unable to fund.

We encourage you to take a few minutes to read the complete information about the winning projects. We are confident that you will be impressed and inspired.