mhapy is a chatbot that uses natural language processing to have friendly, open-ended conversations with patients and perform mental health assessments. The chatbot establishes a baseline for the user and monitors for significant deviations from the baseline,  sending notifications to the user’s chosen person when there are signs of decompensation.

This project explores a novel treatment that has potential to be impactful on mental health related issues.  The chatbot has may provide accessible treatment services fo rthose who would otherwise be subjected to lengthy wait times or absence of service due to lack of resources in their community.

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Chijindu Ukagwu, RN, is a staff nurse at Brockville Mental Health Centre and principal investigator in this project.  His commitment to research is long-standing, as demonstrated through his position of Associate Editor of the University of Ottawa Science Undergraduate Research Journal.

Co-investigators are Dr. Alfonaso Corona, MD and Nicole Rodrigues, MEd.  The project operates under The Royal Ottawa Healthcare Group which brings together Brockville Mental Health Centre, the Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research, the Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health, and the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre.