NIA Founding Donors, Friends & Supporters, Award Winners and other friends of RNFOO gathered virtually for the 2020 Nurse Innovator Award Reception on November 18.  The evening was a terrific success.  Host Mary Ito, Producer and Journalist with CBC, created an engaging tone.  The 2019 NIA winners shared updates on their progress, and the 2020 winners held viewers' attention as they shared their passion for their projects.  The lively Q&A session helped everyone better understand the crucial role that innovation plays in nursing.  

Celebrate with the winners again, by watching the event here:

Here are just a few of the attendee comments:

"The celebration was very well done. Having Mary Ito host it was brilliant. Her graciousness and sincerity were perfect for the event."

"The winners all had interesting projects and the sharing of the info gave me a great understanding of the projects."

"It was a great option given the pandemic. I continue to be amazed at the wonderful innovations we are supporting."

 Thanks are extended to everyone who helped to make the Reception happen. 

Special mention goes to Cecktor Ltd, for organizing and operating the technology platform.
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YotN Friends

Soon after the RNFOO Year of the Nurse Bracelet Campaign launched, we received an order for two bracelets: one of each of the styles available.  Through follow-up correspondence with Monica, we learned that this was a special order.   

As a retired nurse, who was supposed to celebrate my 50th reunion this month, and a fan of glamjulz and with a desire to support nurses, it was a no brainer to order these bracelets.  One will be for a dear friend and classmate who should have been celebrating with me and one for me!

 The 50th anniversary reunion of the Ottawa Civic Hospital School of Nursing, Class of 1970, originally scheduled for June 6, was one of the thousands of special events that have fallen victim to the COVID19 lockdown. 

YotN Bracelette

With COVID19 restrictions easing Monica and Sharon were able to meet recently:
Tonight I presented Sharon with her bracelet. It was an emotional moment for the two of us.”
They were together in Ottawa at school, but family and careers took them to Edmonton, Ottawa, and Calgary, so it was difficult to stay in touch.   Fortunately, Sharon and Monica both live in Burlington now, and are able to get together (when global pandemics don’t interfere!)

We are grateful to Monica for her commitment to supporting nursing scholarships through RNFOO, and for sharing this story.  

November 21, 2019
NIA Winners at PodiumMore than 100 guests gathered at The Concert Hall, in uptown Toronto to celebrate at the Inaugural Nurse Innovator Award Reception.  There were many and varied reasons for the celebration, all of which might be summarized in the speaker Zayna Khayat's words “The future of nursing is in good hands”.

The Foundation Board was pleased to announce the winners of the first round of Innovation Awards:

Read more: 2019 Nurse Innovator Award Winners

Interim Reports from the 2019 Nurse Innovator Award Winners

While civic leaders and politicians at all levels try to guide the economy, the education system, and our citizens through a transition to a post-COVID19 ‘normal’, there are individuals and teams working in their own small corners to re-start the important work that had to be set aside as the health care system prepared for and managed the response to the pandemic. 

Read more: Delayed, but not Defeated; Disrupted, but not Discouraged

RNFOO began distributing scholarships to Ontario nurses and nursing students in 1972.  Since inception, well more than 1,000 nurses have benefited from the generous donors who fund RNFOO awards and scholarships.  This section of our website will share some of the award winners' stories, some years after their academic success was recognized. 

If you were an RNFOO award winner, and would like to share your story with us, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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