Nurse Researcher Embraces Arts-Based Healing, Creates Storytelling App

Your Storyline logoThe NIA award-winning proposal for the Your Storyline App noted that "As healthcare providers and advocates, we believe deeply in the growth potential and restorative power of storytelling, the centrality of story in relationships, and the ability of story to center patients as experts in their
health. Over the last decade, our team has used storytelling or narrative methods, including the use of digital storytelling methods in workshop settings, to better understand and honour complex health experiences and underrepresented perspectives

Chantal's own story was recently shared in the Canadian Nurse newsletter, eliciting comments from NIA leaders and supporters such as  "It is a great story", "She is a very special kind of nurse", "You can really see the person in (the story) too".

“I never had aspirations of being a filmmaker,” she says with a laugh. “I never wanted to be the next (Martin) Scorsese. It was really a means to do work that felt intellectually honest.”

Chantalle expressed that she is forever grateful for RNFOO's support of this innovation, which has opened so many wonderful and unexpected doors.

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