The application process for 2022 RNFOO Annual Awards and Scholarships is now closed. Applications are being reviewed.  Applicants can no longer access their applications. Winners will be announced in mid-March.

The RNFOO Application Submission Guidelines remain here to provide information about our application system at any time of the year.  Our system will open again in mid to late November for the 2023 Awards and Scholarships

Before you begin:  Are you eligible? 

RNFOO Awards and Scholarships are available to:

  • nurses registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario (including nurses registered in graduate level programs)
  • students registered in practical nursing or baccalaureate nursing programs accredited by the College of Nurses of Ontario
  • Preference will be given to residents of Ontario
  • Applicants must have a Canadian Social Insurance Number
  • Unless clearly stated in the award description, applicants must be currently (ie Winter 2022 school term) enrolled in a diploma, degree, or certificate program at an accredited institution.

If you meet the criteria above, you should read the following information carefully. The guidelines and links to further documents will tell you how to successfully complete the application process:

  • The on-line portion of the application must be completed by the stated deadline 
  • All supplementary documents (transcripts, confirmations of enrollment, and letters of reference) must be received in the RNFOO office by the stated deadline for your application to be considered.  This deadline will not be extended.
  • You can complete your application over multiple online work sessions
  • All components of your application must be in English
  • Please review ALL of the guidelines below before starting the application process
  • Consult the Applicants’ Submission Process Summary and/or the Applicant Webinar slide deck.
  • For your information, here is a description of the application review process that will be followed by the RNFOO Awards & Scholarship Committee judges
    Click here for information about the Nurse Innovator Award.

Application Checklist – Here is what you need:

  1. Review the 2022 Awards and Scholarships Brochure and the 2022 Eligibility Guide to identify the award(s) and scholarship(s) for which you are eligible. Please be sure to apply only for those award(s) for which you are eligible. You will be required to explain your qualifications for each award that you choose to apply for (50 – 100 words per award). Your application will not be considered for any award for which you have not provided this explanation. For further details, refer to Review the Instructions for Explanations of Qualifications. All applications for an award for which the applicant is not eligible will not be reviewed.
  2. Once you have decided you are going to apply for a 2022 award(s), use the Applicant Login box on the right-hand side of this page to register and pay the annual, non-refundable application processing fee of $25. Only one fee is required per applicant, irrespective of the number of awards for which you are applying. (Please note: the application processing fee is not required to apply for the Herbert T Baily Fund.)  Instructions for accessing your application will be sent to you with the confirmation of your payment.
  3. Career goals summary – no more than 500 words – refer to guidelines for Career Goals Summary InstructionsNote: this section of the application is heavily weighted in the judging process.
  4. A resumé in the correct format as per the Resumé Guidelines.
  5. In order to apply for a Research Award, you must submit your research proposal. Your project must be ready for ethics review. For further details, refer to Research Proposal Instructions. Research Proposals are uploaded at the bottom of the ‘Awards’ tab of the application. Applications for research awards that do not include a robust research proposal will not be considered.
    If you are applying for an award to fund a special project (eg DNIG Special Projects in Diabetes), you should upload a detailed project description to this field at the bottom of the ‘Awards’ tab.
  6. If applicable for the award for which you are applying, submit a list of your publications and/or completed research from within the last five years. (This information can therefore be excluded from your resumé).
  7. Ensure that you have asked two people to submit reference letters on your behalf.  It will help if you give them enough time for this task: approach well before the deadline.  Note the stated deadline for letters to arrive in our office. You also need to provide  contact information for your referees on the ‘References’ tab of the application. Please review the Reference Letter Guidelines, and share that document with your referees.
  8. When you have entered all of your information and are ready to submit your application, go to the Application Status tab (visible when you have clicked on “Complete Your Application”) and set the Application Status field to Complete. This will ensure that your information will be reviewed after the  submission deadline. If you have not marked your application as ‘Complete’, it will not be considered.
  9. For almost all awards, you will need to submit proof of current education enrollment. Acceptable documentation consists of an official statement from the Nursing Program office or the Registrar’s office of your university/college, stating that you are currently enrolled in the program. Many schools have documents available on-line that will confirm enrollment and are available without cost.  Applicants should e-mail this document (.pdf .doc .docx or .txt formats only) to Letters of admission or proof of payment documents are not acceptable proof of current enrollment. If you are applying for an award that does not require enrollment in an ongoing course, you will need to provide documentation relevant to that award; see the Confirming Your Enrollment document for complete details. 
  10. All applications must be supported by transcripts. All transcripts must be official documents that include your grades for the Fall 2021 term. Reviewers expect to see official transcripts from all nursing-related post-secondary education. Contact your university/college to send your official transcript directly to the RNFOO office.  Some schools are able to send official transcripts electronically or by fax (contact information is below). Digital documents which are noted as “Issued by University/ College”  and are received directly from the institution’s administrative account or are provided to us through a secure on-line platform, will be accepted as official.  Printed transcripts may also be available.  These must be mailed to the RNFOO office in an officially sealed envelope. You should allow at least two weeks for transcripts to be delivered from Ontario institutions. You should ensure that you have a receipt that clearly shows the date the transcript was ordered and paid. If the transcripts are coming from outside of Ontario, allow 2-4 weeks, and if from outside of Canada, allow 4-6 weeks.  
    If you are in a second degree or Graduate level program, judges expect to see all previous transcripts.  GRADUATE LEVEL STUDENTS: If you have submitted official transcripts for previous degrees in RNFOO applications submitted before this year, you may not have to order those transcripts again. You WILL still have to provide the transcript for your current studies.  Contact the RNFOO office to confirm that your previous transcripts are available.

The closing date for the 2022 Awards & Scholarships Applications is clearly stated. After that time, you will be unable to make any changes to your application. Please note that all required documentation – confirmations of enrollment, transcripts, and letters of reference – must be received in the RNFOO office by the document deadline for your application to be considered.

The RNFOO office address is:–

Registered Nurses’ Foundation of Ontario
Awards & Scholarships Committee
7270 Woodbine Ave.
Suite 305 
Markham, ON L3R 4B9

Fax 905-513-1248