The mission of the Foundation is to enhance and advance nursing practice, and contribute to the health of individuals by raising funds and stewarding sound investments to provide awards and scholarships to Ontario nurses and nursing students in all programs including RN, RPN and RN-EC, and at every level, including Masters and Doctorate.”

One of the ways that RNFOO realizes this mission statement is by administering ‘Vested’ or ‘Named’ awards.  Individuals or representatives of family, social or organizational groups may approach the Foundation to negotiate an agreement whereby the Foundation will administer an award that recognizes someone’s contribution to nursing, or honours the memory of someone who cared deeply about nursing.   All agreements outline the purpose of the award and the amount of money to be donated or committed, and articulate the Foundation’s responsibility to determine the recipients and administer the funds. 

Recognition of donors is an integral part of RNFOO’s advancement of its charitable mission.  Important to a successful program is respect for donors’ wishes for recognition or anonymity, and confidence that their gifts have been “put to work” as intended.  The articles below will tell you something about the people who have been recognized through establishment of an honorary award entrusted to RNFOO.  Some donors have asked to remain anonymous; we have, and will continue to honour those wishes.  

Janet Anderson smallerJANET ANDERSON

Origin: The Janet Anderson Scholarship was established in her memory by her family and many friends and colleagues in late 2019. The scholarship recognizes Janet’s numerous achievements and contributions to the nursing profession in Ontario.

Honoree background:  Janet was committed to continuing education and quality in nursing care for herself and others, and had a passion for mentoring and creating supportive work environments. She loved music and was a wonderful singer and member of the York Region Community Choir for decades.



Origin: The Dr. Sheela Basrur and GE Oncology Nursing Education Scholarship was organized through the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, and funded by General Electric Canada through their Community Investment Fund.  The award was announced in April 2007, when RNAO awarded Dr. Basrur with an Honourary Membership.
Honoree background:
A native of East York, Sheela Basrur received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Western Ontario in 1979. She continued her studies, receiving her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Toronto in 1982.

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Origin: The Regina Borowska Scholarship was established through Ms. Borowska’s estate.
Honoree background: Regina’s friends and colleagues will remember her as a dedicated professional, a curious world traveler, and a lover of the arts and a fascinating conversationalist. Regina’s career spanned one of the major changes in the history of nursing education in Canada.

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Origin: The Dorothy Ferguson scholarship was initiated on her retirement from the St. Joseph’s Health Centre in 1997, to recognize Dorothy’s many and significant contributions to professional nursing.

Honoree background: Dorothy’s academic accomplishments include a diploma from the School of Nursing, Toronto General Hospital; a Certificate in Hospital Nursing Service and Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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Origin: The Josephine Flaherty Scholarship was established through a bequest from her estate.  

Honoree background: Born in Toronto and educated in Riverdale Collegiate and University of Toronto, Josephine Flaherty devoted her life to Nursing Practice and Education.

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Origin: The Lucy Glass Memorial Scholarship was established by her children in 2018, in recognition of her love of nursing and her conviction that once a nurse, always a nurse.  

Honoree background: Lucy Rachel Glass completed her nursing training at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, Quebec – 

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Origin: The Julie Hall Scholarship for Neuroscience Nursing Scholarship was initiated in her memory by her family and friends shortly after her death in 1999.

Honoree background: Lesley Bell, CEO of the Ontario Nurses’ Association and a close friend, shared Julie Hall’s story in the Spring, 1999 issue of ONA Vision: The following is an excerpt of that article. Julie Hall was someone you would want to have caring for you or your loved ones: she was a true professional. 

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Mildred Harbour cpd tinyMILDRED GRACE HARBOUR

Origin: The Mildred Grace Harbour Memorial Scholarship was established by the her family in 2018, to recognize her lifelong devotion to her nursing career.

Honoree background:  Mildred Grace Harbour (1927 to 2015) was born in Sandy Beach, Gaspé, Québec and completed her training to become a registered nurse at Sarnia General Hospital (now Bluewater Health)

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Origin: The Mary Brunning Harkin Scholarship was established by the Sisters of Service in 2007, in recognition of her 14 years of devoted nursing service to the senior members of their Order, and in honour of her commitment to the highest ideals of the nursing profession.


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Origin: In 1998, Jennifer’s aunt established The Jennifer Award in memory of her niece.  The Award continues to be funded through a bequest from the estate of Jennifer’s aunt.

Honoree Background: Jennifer Gregg was a 1970 graduate of the University of Toronto School of Nursing. She practiced at Sunnybrook and the Clarke Institute.

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Origin: Nancy Lefebre of Saint Elizabeth Health Care, and Rhonda Seidman-Carlson of RNAO introduced the Dr. Joan Lesmond Memorial Scholarship at the 2012 RNFOO Gala.  "The untimely death of our friend and colleague Joan Lesmond has left a significant hole in our hearts and in our work. However, I know that Joan would be extremely pleased about this award, created in her honour."

Honoree Background: Diversity was a passion of Joan’s as an individual, a healthcare professional, and leader. It was also the focus of her doctoral work.  Joan worked tirelessly to educate professionals, new graduates and students about the importance of a cultural

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Origin: The Dorothy  Monteith Scholarship was established through Ms. Monteith's estate.  It will be awarded for the first time in 2013

Honoree Background: Dorothy Monteith was born in Saskatchewan, but moved to Ontario to pursue her RN in Guelph.  She practiced surgical nursing in Guelph, Chicago, and Sudbury before pursuing her BScN at the University of Western Ontario, and her Masters in Nursing at Columbia University in New York.  She continued her career in various leadership capacities with the Ontario Ministry of Health.

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Karim Moosa cpdKARIM MOOSA

Origin: The Karim Moosa Memorial Scholarship was established through donations from his family and friends.  It will be awarded for the first time in 2022.

Honoree Background:  Karim Moosa was the youngest of four siblings. Throughout his adult life, he demonstrated deep care and spiritual compassion for everyone he came in contact with. He was particularly gentle and compassionate with the elderly. This scholarship is dedicated to the profession and cause he cared about the most - Nursing

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Origin: The Charlotte Noesgaard Scholarship was established in 2021 in her memory by Charlotte’s family, the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO), friends and colleagues. The scholarship recognizes Charlotte’s passion for nursing policy, advocacy and education.

Honoree Background:  Charlotte will be remembered as a feisty advocate for evidence-informed practice. She is fondly remembered as a nurturing RN who gave generously to her community and her profession.

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