Esther Bodach
Esther Bodach is a third-year nursing student in the BScN program at Ryerson University. She is passionate about providing evidence-informed nursing care to individuals across the lifespan.

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Emily Bohdal
Emily Bohdal has been a RN for nearly 20 years and is currently pursuing her Master of Nursing – Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate at the University of Windsor.

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Sywia Borawski
Sylwia Borawski is a third year BScN student at the University of Windsor. As first in her class, her dedication to her academics is clear; however, Sylwia is also devoted to making a difference within her community.

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Samantha Boumeester
Samantha Boumeester is a second year Master of Nursing student at Ryerson University. She currently works as a Registered Nurse Team Leader for the Addictions and Withdrawal Management Services at St. Michael's Hospital, Unity Health Toronto.

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Toby Bowers
Toby Bowers has chosen nursing as a second career; previous non-profit work showed him the importance of social justice and the determinants of health.

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Lisa Brugger
Lisa Brugger is in her final year of the Post-Diploma BScN program at Ryerson University. She has 8 years of palliative care experience as a Registered Practical Nurse.

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Jessica Burford
Jessica Burford is a student in the Master of Nursing-Leadership in Professional Practice program at Western and a nurse leader committed to her calling professionally, academically and personally.

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Tina Cheung
Tina Cheung is in her final year of the Primary Healthcare Nurse Practitioner Program at Ryerson University. She has worked in acute care and community settings as a Registered Nurse and Advanced Practice Nurse for nearly 15 years.

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Patricia Chichocki
Patricia Cichocki is a Registered Practical Nurse pursuing her Bachelor’s in Nursing at Ryerson University. Growing up surrounded by healthcare, Patricia has worked in pharmacies, physician’s offices, and hospitals.

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Rachel Da Cunha
Rachel da Cunha is currently in her third year at Nipissing University enrolled in the RPN to BScN bridging program. She had previously completed a BSc degree at the University of Guelph

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Larkin Davenport Huyer
Larkin Davenport Huyer is completing her second year of University of Toronto (UofT) Nursing program. Prior to this program Larkin completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) at Queen’s University. 

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Erin Davis
Erin Davis is currently employed as a registered nurse on a labour, delivery, postpartum, and recovery unit while completing the Master of Nursing program full-time at Western University.

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 Kassandra di Cosola headshot
Kassandra Di Cosolais a first-year fulltime student, enrolled in the MN PHC-NP program at Ryerson University, and has worked as an RN within the Emergency Department at SickKids Hospital for over five years.

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Keri Durocher
Keri Durocher is a Registered Nurse and a second-year PhD in Nursing student at Western University. She has a strong passion for nursing education, research, and projects that advance the profession of nursing.

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Jeanette Eby
Jeanette Eby is currently completing her second and final year in the Nipissing BScN Scholar Practitioner Program. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario and is passionate about community health and social justice.

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Michelle Farinas
Michelle-Anne Farinas is a first-year student at Ontario Tech University’s Post RPN to RN Bridging program. She holds a PN Diploma from Centennial College and a BSc in Mental Health and Human Biology from the University of Toronto.

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Mary Furlan
Mary Furlan received her Practical Nursing diploma (Fanshawe College, 2006).  After becoming a nurse, Mary went on to work in pediatric complex care, community care, long term care and telemedicine.

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Nathaniel Gumapac
Nathaniel Gumapac is a fourth year BNSc. student at Queen’s University. He is passionate about mental health and advocates for all students in his program as President of the Nursing Science Society.

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Anna Healy
Anna Healy is a second-year nursing student in the accelerated BScN Scholar Practitioner Program at Nipissing University in Toronto, Ontario.

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Jennifer Hodder
Jennifer Hodder completed her Bachelor of Nursing at Memorial University in Newfoundland in 2004. Humorously, there were two Jennifer Hodders in her class; it was thought she was a typo.

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Shannon James
Shannon James is in her first year of the accelerated BScN program at the University of Toronto. While completing her BSc in Environmental Science at Western University,

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Ryan James
Ryan James is a 2nd year nursing student at George Brown College. He has been working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities for the past 5 years and through that, has shown him his passion for working with people.

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Shahnaz Kamali
Shahnaz Kamali is enrolled in the Master of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner program (Primary Health Care – Global Health Emphasis) and pursuing a Collaborative Specialization in Gender and Women's Health at the University of Toronto.

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Rahim Kanji
Rahim Kanji is a fourth-year nursing student at X University. Previously, he worked in the alternative healthcare industry; however, after years of work, he realized he wanted to be in a research driven healthcare field

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Julia Kruizinger
Julia Kruizingais pursuing a Master of Nursing thesis-based degree at McMaster University. She works as a hospice/palliative care nurse and her clinical work and passion for research drove her to pursue graduate studies.

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Cynthia Larche
Cynthia Larche is a senior BScN student at the University of Toronto. She chose to pursue nursing to work in settings where she listens to clients and carefully assesses them to support their health and well-being,

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Seokjoon Harrison Lee
Harrison (Seokjoon) Lee is a student at University of Toronto’s Master of Health Informatics program. Graduating from McMaster University with a BScN and a drive for lifelong learning, he has worked as a Registered Nurse on the resource teams and cardiovascular unit.

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Vonnie Ye Von Lee
Vonnie Lee is currently in her last semester of the University of Toronto’s Accelerated Nursing Program. After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia in Psychology and Health,

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Sarah Lem
Sarah Lem is an exuberant, driven, and empathetic leader, with an optimistic personality is at the forefront of her identity, motivating her to strive for success and make change within her community.

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Yifang Lily Lu
Yifang (Lily) Yu has chosen a career in nursing to make a positive impact in the healthcare field, specifically in the areas of geriatrics, palliative care or diabetic nursing.

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Sarah Wazifa Mangaru
Sarah Wazifa Mangaru is a second-year nursing student in Ryerson University’s collaborative BScN program.  She is dedicated to positively promoting the nursing profession and demonstrating care to others through a holistic approach.

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Ellen McHale
Ellen McHale has been a practicing paediatric nurse for six years, currently at the Hospital for Sick Children, in a primary care paediatric clinic, and most recently as a locum nurse in the Northwest Territories.

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Holly Pelvin
Holly Pelvin holds a PhD in Criminology from the University of Toronto. Holly worked in academia until the COVID-19 pandemic inspired her to pursue a career in nursing. Holly is a first-year BScN student at Ryerson University and is interested in pursuing palliative and end-of-life care.

Amy Rowe
Amy Rowe is a fourth-year nursing student at Queen's University, completing her final placement in Critical Care at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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Nida Shamsi
Nida Shamsi is a second-year student at Ryerson University’s Collaborative BScN program. She is currently completing her medical-surgical clinical rotations at Mount Sinai Hospital.

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Amanda Shea

Amanda Shea is currently in the Post Diploma BScN program at Ryerson University. She also works as a RPN in the Emergency department at Mackenzie Health where she has been on the front line of the pandemic for the past 2 years. 

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Nicole Shipton
Nicole Shipton is a third year BNSc student at Queen’s University. As a first-generation and out-of-province student, Nicole is passionate about improving the diversity of backgrounds within the healthcare system.

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Katelyn Sushk
Katelyn Sushko is a PhD student at McMaster University. Her research focuses on exploring technology solutions to improve diabetes self-management among women with type 1 and type 2 diabetes in pregnancy.

 Anna Thomas
Anna Thomas is currently a fourth-semester practical nursing student balancing clinical, school, and a part-time job. She is planning to enroll in the bridging program to become a pediatric registered nurse.

Grace Ting
Grace Ting is a fourth-year nursing student in the BScN program at Ryerson University. She is currently working at Ryerson as a Research Assistant

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Julia Yaremko
Julia Yaremko is a nursing student at Western University currently in her second year.  While studying at Western, she has become interested in mental health and addiction services within community nursing. 

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